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JBW Systems, Inc. has been in business for over 25 years.  We have only one product, the JBW Mixing System, so total dedication to the finest service and delivery is one of our goals. Our main goal is to make a mixing system with superior agitation, strength, and durability; and to ship each mixer on-time, every-time.  JBW Systems normal turn-around time for shipping is 24 hours after receipt of the order, except for those mixers that are modified for special specifications.

The founder and president of JBW Systems, Inc., James Watkins, has been in the paint industry for about 35 years. This is what he says about mixing: "Coaters continue to upgrade their facility to improve the quality of their products. But most of them continue to use out-dated methods of mixing. One of the initial steps in manufacturing coatings is to properly agitate them.  Most coatings are purchased by the percent of solids.  When these solids settle to the bottom of the container because of improper agitation, in effect, they are leaving their money on the bottom of the container.  Not only are they not getting their money's worth, they may have costly line-speed adjustments, scrap material, color and/or gloss problems, etc."

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